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Dream Post #2

[Kaito and Aoko are walking home from school, Kaito glances at her out of the corner of his eye for a moment before finally starting to speak.]

You know, it's been a while since we had a chance to hang out. Do you wanna go somewhere this weekend?

[Aoko looks over at him in surprise for a moment before speaking.]

I'm sorry, but Yoh and I are going on a date this Sunday.

[Kaito makes a face.]

Oh... yeah. Him again.

[Aoko makes a face at him.]

He's not so bad! If you'd just give him a chance-

[At that point their interrupted when Yoh's voice calls out.]


[Aoko smiles and runs over to him, meanwhile Kaito looks even more annoyed now. He walks over after her, but when he catches up to them, they seem to be ignoring him now. This of course does nothing to help his annoyance level.]

Oi, should I leave you two alone then?

[There is no reply. They don't even seem to register that he's there anymore. He looks confused for a moment and reaches out to them.]


[Just as he's about to touch Aoko's shoulder, they both disappear. The scenery seems to mostly vansih too, leaving everything dark except the road under Kaito's feet.] Hey, what the-? Aoko?

[Now Aoko is far ahead of him, walking hand in hand with Yoh, away from where Kaito is. The magician growls and runs over to them again, but he doesn't seem to get any closer to them even though they're walking and he's running. He stops when he realizes this, panting slightly. Then a voice speaks up.]

You should just let her go.

[He turns around, and there's someone standing behind him, someone in a pristine white suit with a cape and hat of the same color and a monocle over one eye. Kaitou Kid regards him with an unreadable expression. Kaito doesn't seem surprised.]

I can't do that! I've known her a lot longer than he has. Where does he get off, coming out of nowhere and-?

He didn't come out of nowhere. She's known him for months.

[Kaito scowls.]

Sure doesn't feel that way.

Well then what do you plan on doing? Do you intend to take her from him? What good would that do? She's a lot better off without us anyway.

[Kaito looks up at the thief, startled.]

What does that mean?

[Kid tilts his head to one side.]

You know exactly what I mean.

[And there's a faint silvery light now, Kaito and Kid both look up at it to see a full moon in the sky. Kaito is silent for a moment.]

... It doesn't have to be like that, does it?

[Kaito looks back at where Kid was, but he's gone, so are Aoko and Yoh and everything else.

He's alone.]
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