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OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Trouble

Age: 23

E-Mail//MSN//AIM: Trouble fire Cat (AIM)

Personal LJ: kitsune_fire

IC Information:

Character Name: Kuroba Kaito

Character Journal: nofishplz

Canon: Magic Kaito/Detective Conan

Point in Canon: After The Phantom Lady Heist

Age: 17

Birthday: June 21

Appearance: Kaito looks like an average Japanese teen with messy dark hair and purple eyes, which is really the only outwardly odd thing about him. He's a bit short for 17 and has a sturdier build than Kudo Shinichi who he bears an uncanny resemblance too. Since he's a magician who's always carrying his magical supplies on his person, he tends to wear baggy clothes with long sleeves to accommodate this.

Abilities: Kaito is first and foremost a magician. An aspiring stage magician with a talent with street magic. He’s very skilled at slight of hand and always has something up his sleeves, even though he can convince you he doesn’t. He’s also a skilled stage magician already as evidenced by his performances as Kid, but stage magic requires more time to set up and an assistant or two so he’s not going to be doing much of that at the facility. He has no real magical ability whatsoever. All of it’s smoke and mirrors, but he is good at what he does.
He’s also a master of disguise, he can disguise himself as practically anyone, male or female, young or old, even children though that requires a bit more illusion, and he has shown the ability to mimic anyone’s voice without the help of some sort of voice modification device. As part of this, he’s also a talented actor.
As Kaitou Kid, one of his trademark is the Card Gun, an oddly shaped gun that shoots playing card, which he mainly uses to knock weapons out of people’s hands, cut ropes and other things. There are even cards that explode like flash grenades or that create smoke screens or sleeping gas. The other is his glider, his primary source of transportation when escaping his heists.

Personality: Kaito is a complex character, because he tends to hide behind masks a lot. His personality as Kuroba Kaito is the most honest, though even then he tends to hide a lot of his true feelings behind his Poker Face. Kuroba Kaito is a fun loving prankster with an almost ever present smile who has a perverted streak and loves performing his magic tricks for everyone. He generally enjoys any attention he receives and doesn’t embarrass easily, at least not visibly, but poker face will occasionally slip anyway, depending on exactly how serious the situation is. He also enjoys flirting on occasion.
Kaitou Kid is even more of a mask. The smooth charming gentleman thief with a constant smirk who never lets any of his real feelings show (though there have been rare occasions where even he will let that slip, if he’s sufficiently taken off guard). He has a confident showman’s air and a way with the ladies born of Kaito’s own natural charisma, though his more perverted tendencies as Kaito showed through a bit more when he was just starting out. These days though it’s mostly just flirting.
Underneath this though is a kid who still hasn’t quite gotten over his father’s death even eight years afterwards and while he’s a friendly sort he doesn’t actually let people close easily. Aoko is his only truly close friend and he even keeps secrets from her, like the fact that he’s Kid and the truth about his father’s death. He cares a lot about people and is protective of his friends and of the police and detectives who chase Kid, because he doesn’t like seeing people hurt or killed. He’s also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and enjoys a good mental challenge. He’s seen a lot of strange things since becoming Kid so he takes things in stride more than most people and is willing to believe in a lot of things most people would dismiss. He also has one surefire weakness, Aoko would tell you, and that’s Fish. He’s got a severe case of Icthiophobia, where even a picture of a fish tends to freak him out. Even fish print underwear. It’s something he obviously doesn’t mention often.

History: Kaito is the son of Kuroba Toichi, a world renown stage magician who died eight years prior to the beginning of the series in a stage accident. At the time of his death, International Criminal 1412, known to the world as Kaitou Kid, also disappeared. Kid reemerged eight years later shortly after Kaito turned 17. Kaito, having just had an argument with his childhood friend Nakamori Aoko at school where she told him he wasn’t as good a magician as Kid, went home in snit only to accidently stumble across Kaitou Kid’s hide out behind a painting of his father. This was how he discovered that his father had been the first Kid. It was also the night he first put on the Kid outfit and during a heist confronted the man who was masquerading as Kid at the time, an old man named Konosuke Jii, Toichi’s assistant who helped him when he was Kid. From Jii he learned that his father had actually been murdered all those years ago. In order to find out the truth Kaito made the decision to become Kid in order to find out who the murderers were by drawing them out with Kid’s presence.
Kaito had many strange adventures as Kid when he first started out, including meeting a vain witch named Akako who attempted to seduce him/make him one her slave and the police deploying a bunch of tiny robots that determinedly follow the first thing the lead robot sees. Eventually he met a rival in the form of Hakuba Saguru, a half British teenage detective with a Sherlock Holmes obsession who spent most of his life growing up in England. Hakuba came to suspect Kaito of being Kid, but could never find solid evidence. This and his apparent crush on Aoko meant the two got along like oil and water.
Kid’s escapades eventually paid off when on Aoko’s birthday a group of men in black appeared to try and kill Kid and take the gem he was stealing that night. It was then Kaito learned about the gemstone Pandora, a jewel that cried tears that grant immortality when a certain comet passes and glows red when exposed to the light of the moon. The men in black were looking for this gem stone and the original Kaitou Kid had tried to find the gem first to keep it out of their hands. For that reason, they killed him. From that night onward Kaito made it his mission to complete his father’s task and destroy the gem once he found it so that they could never use it.
Eventually Kaito also met another detective who would become one of his top rivals if not his main rival, Kudo Shinichi, another Holmes fan who he met for the first time when Kaitou Kid attempted to “steal” the Clock Tower in order to stop people from tearing it down, since it was the place where Kaito first met Aoko and therefore a special childhood memory for both friends. This was shortly before Kudo Shinichi’s disappearance from the public eye which was really his encounter the same group that Kaito was against, who attempted to kill him with a poison that supposedly leaves no traces on the body only for it to shrink him to the size and age of a seven year old boy instead. Shinichi took on the name and identity of Edogawa Conan and it was this persona that Kid next met when he attempted to steal the Black Star. After that heist Kid and Conan solidified their status as rivals and have matched wits on many occasions since then, meeting sometimes even outside of heists as Kid was occasionally drawn into a few murder investigations. He eventually even stumbled across the information that Conan and Shinichi were the same person. Though he still doesn’t quite know how that happened.

First Person Sample:
[Voice post]

[Kaito sounds pretty annoyed about now, but who could rightly blame him?]
Y'know, I'm pretty sure there's laws against grabbing people of the streets like this. If you're listening, whoever you are, you might want to look into that.
So, anyone wanna tell me what the heck this is about? It's not like it's every day a guy ends up in some weird mansion in the middle of nowhere with no idea how he got here.

Third Person Sample:
He was pretty sure he didn't rememeber going to sleep... and this was most definitely not his room. It took a moment for him to fully wake up, but when he did, he was quick to sit up, and rather surprised to discover he wasn't tied down to anything. The last time he woke up in a strange place, he'd been kidnapped by some mad scientist who wanted to use him to help create that crazy robot double of his, so needless to say he was wary. It also made not being tied up a surprise.
This didn't actually make him feel better either, as he looked around and took in that he to be in the guest room of some kind. He also didn't feel like he'd been drugged or that someone had knocked him unconscious recently and certainly didn't remember being ambushed by anyone. The last thing he remembered was heading home from school this afternoon... if it still was this afternoon. How long had he been out?
Kaito climbed out of bed and went to test the door. He was again surprised to discover that the door wasn't even locked. So, he supposed that meant whoever had grabbed him didn't mind he look around? Well, he supposed he might as well take the opportunity while he could then. Maybe then he'd at least have some idea of what kind of game these kidnappers were playing. With that decided, he opened the door and cautiously stepped out into the hall.

Links: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Kaito_Kuroba

Notes: Kaito's read Sherlock Holmes and Arsene' Lupin books, but he's not about to contradict whatever Conan's told the Holmes in the mansion. No need to worry about the fouth wall here.

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