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Various complications and frustrations in Kaito's life right now

I am basically copying Kinz's idea of writing down a list of things that are making Kaito feel a bit conflicted/frustrated right now, even though they won't affect his powers as much this week.

1. Aoko hates Kaitou Kid or so he thinks
2. Kaito knows when it comes right down to it he'd chose Kid over Aoko
3. He feels bad that Kid is a big part of encouraging Nakamori's workaholic tendencies, but at the same time Nakamori pisses him off a little for neglecting Aoko in favor of Kid to begin with.
4. He has a massive crush on Aoko, but feels he can't do anything about it
5. He has a smaller crush on Hakuba now and is in denial about this
6. He ended up kissing both of them during Christmas week (damn magic mistletoe)
7. Aoko hasn't said anything about that kiss since it happened, what does that mean? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
8. Do either of those count anyway what with it being because of the stupid misletoe? Especially since that'd mean Hakuba was his first kiss? ><;
9. Goddamnit, he didn't want a lovelife anyway >>;
10. Except that he's a lot more lonely than he wants to admit to himself.
11. He doesn't know what to do about Conan and his unwillingness to actually cooperate with him and Hakuba
12. He's starting to feel frustrated about being trapped here when he should be back home looking for Pandora
13. He's still worried about the whole thing where the B.O. Probably already know who he is and what people have said about whether his attempts to draw them out into the open are really a good idea.
14. He's a bit worried he won't be able to live up to his father's legacy and he might mess up somehow
15. His estimation of his life expectancy is better than Hakuba's but he's still well aware of how high the chances are of his not surviving the conflict back home even if he succeeds in his goal.
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