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Character Relationships Post: a_facility [Work in Progress]

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= Hate

Canon Relationships

Nakamori Aoko
Kaito's best friend since they were 6. He's known her practically forever and considers her his only really close friend. She knows him the best and he's the most comfortable talking to her about things, though as they've been going through high school he's developed a bit of a crush on her, not that he's admitted it yet. Recently there's been a bit of contention between them over the issue of Kaitou Kid. Kaito is Kid, though Aoko doesn't know (or so he thinks, damned Facility) and is also a "fan" of his, but Aoko hates Kid, so the two argue about it a lot. Kaito is fully aware of the reason why Aoko hates Kid even if he pretends he doesn't and it makes him feel guilty, but he doesn't want her to know partly because he's irrationally afraid she'll hate him and mostly because due to his enemies he's afraid she'll get hurt if she gets involved.

At Facility: Thanks to the previous Kaito at Facility, Kaito encountered an Aoko who knew that he was Kid and was angry at him because she didn't know why and had assumed the worst. Luckily after a little bit of drama he was able to explain his reasons and they made up. However Aoko in Facility also has a boyfriend. This is still something he hasn't really adjusted to. It kind of hurts, especially considering the Aoko he last knew doesn't so it came as a shock on top of everything else. None of that changes the fact that she's his best friend. He just needs to figure out what to do now.

Hakuba Saguru
Slightly complicated. He didn't like Hakuba at the start since he's stuck up and smug and a detective, and because he deduced that Kaito is Kid and is always trying to find some way to prove it. Despite this, they get along fairly well, even if that involves a lot of snark and pranks and Hakuba's even helped him sometimes, if only because he wants to be the one to catch Kid. Kaito respects Hakuba's detective skills, even if he will never admit it out loud and damned if he'll openly admit to actually liking him a little.

Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi
Ah Conan. His favorite Chibi. This one is also slightly complicated. Conan is an intellectual equal and gets tons of respect, about as much as if not more than Hakuba, but he's also an annoying smug brat. He enjoys getting one up on him any chance he gets, but he knows full well that if anyone has a chance of catching him one day it's Conan, so he's also very wary of him. This relationship is also less complicated than Hakuba in the sense that since they rarely meet except on heists and the occasional run in on cases it's more of a pure rivalry. Oh yeah, and he also knows Conan's secret of being really a shrunken Kudo Shinichi. He doesn't know how that happened yet though.

At Facility: Conan figured out who Kaito was about .003 seconds after the two met the first day they both arrived, but with the circumstances they found themselves in the two quickly formed a truce and decided to work together to stop the Consortium and return home. Then Psychosis week happened and Kaito developed a split personality as a result of Kaito's attempts to hide from his unresolved feelings about the Nightmare incident that happened shortly before being pulled there. After Conan was taunted by Other Kaito a few times, he put together the pieces of the puzzle and went to talk to Kaito about the incident, letting Kaito know he knows exactly how he feels, having once failed to prevent a murderer from committing suicide. The two of them divulged a few insecurities that they never mentioned to anyone before as well. It's not surprising that after this conversation Kaito now considers Conan a friend. He's still an annoying brat though. :P

The Facility

Yoh Takami
Aoko's boyfriend. Unsurprisingly Kaito doesn't really like him. He's trying to get along with him for Aoko's sake, but he's jealous and a bit hurt by the whole thing. It'll be even worse if and when he finds out about the sort of things Yoh is willing to do and has done.

Komui Lee
Someone who apparently knew him the last time he was in the Facility. Kaito doesn't know about the crush his previous incarnation had on the guy yet which is for the best. He thinks the guy is alright so far though they've only really talked twice.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV "Radical Edward"
He's only spoken to her once when he first arrived, but at the time he noticed she seemed sad and a little lonely so he shared his pocky with her. They'd get along great if they got to know each other better.
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